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You arrived at the right place, let’s get you a copy of Exponential Organizations 2.0, the bestselling book from Salim Ismail, Peter Diamandis, and MIchael S. Malone.

We know that we are asking quite a bit of information, but we only have 100 copies to give away and we want to make sure that you every single person that receives one, gets the most out of it. And if you are interested in reading this book, we probably have other things we can share with you!


Please fill out the form below and if you qualify, we will send you an electronic copy (Kindle format) of Exponential Organizations 2.0 completely free!

Offer valid while supplies last. One item per individual. To qualify, individual must be based in the Pacific Northwest and the individual’s organization must be based or have a significant presence in the Pacific NorthWest. Information must be complete to be able to claim the offer. The eBook is offered only in the Amazon Kindle format and to claim it, individual must provide a valid email address, and have an Amazon account to activate the offer.