The ExQ Benchmark Process by PNWEXO

What’s the ExQ Assessment?

The ExQ Assessment is the same tool that has been utilized to benchmark the organizations featured in the best-selling book Expomnential Organizations by Salim Ismail, Michael Malone, and Yuri Van Geest.

The tool gauges to what extent organizations are implementing each of the original ten “exponential attributes”, and if they are driven by a Massive Transformative Purpose.

This robust tool provides a score for comparison purposes, but more importantly, it highlights the opportunities of improvement for organizations to become more exponential, and in the process, become more resillient, and 10x their growth.

Can I take it on my own?

The tool has better results when used jointly with a qualifed ExO consultant, that’s why the last step in the Pacific Northwest ExO process, includes a 30-45 minute chat with one of our experts.

Are you in?

How do I get started?

During our pre-launch period, we are offering all this FOR FREE, and to help you get started in your ExO journey, we are giving away a free Kindle e-book version of “Exponential Organizations 2.0”, the newly refreshed version of the book, to first 100 qualifying participants.

To qualify, you must be a leader at your organization, and be based in the Pacific Northwest.

Are you ready?